Our Medical Program

Our medical program is a combination of both clinical experience and medical outreaches in schools and communities. We accept, pre-medical volunteers, nursing and medical elective student and professionals. Volunteers are matched to a local hospital based on their background and special interest. We have available spaces for volunteers who want to volunteer in Dentistry, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Midwifery, Medicine and General Health care.

Teaching and Care Program

Our volunteers are placed in local schools depending on their interest, background and experience. Volunteers can teach in Information Technology (I.T), English, Mathematics, science, creative arts or a combination of subjects. Our concentration is the primary schools with an age range of 2years to 16years.

Community and Care Program

Our care and community project include teaching subjects such as creative arts, mathematics, English, science etc mostly in the primary schools in the morning and renovation work such as painting dilapidated schools, community centers etc. However, this is meant for a group of not less than 6 volunteers at a time. We will accept families of 6 and above, friends of 6 and above, students from the same high school or university etc. This is a special group and the volunteer fees are different. Volunteers will be accompanied by staff all the time, paid transport to work will be arranged and their weekends will be arranged and paid by us. Volunteers will have the opportunity to visit kakum national park, the cape coast castle and a night stay at a resort(beach).

Our Sports Program

Our sports project includes rugby and multi-sports (football/soccer, basketball etc). Our volunteers are placed with local schools, community football teams and other youth sporting clubs. You will be required to combine teaching in a crèche in the mornings where necessary.

Start today!

The only way we can give back to our community and support them is through your donations and volunteering act. We will be glad if you can support us make a difference in someone's life